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Точные данные о празднике в Фонтенбло

Cavalry March Moscow-Paris has stared on August 12, 2012 from Russian capital. 20 Cossacks on their faithful Don stallions have now made the way of about 3000 km and are approaching Paris. The March’s aim is to honour the heroes of Napoleon’s war 1812-1813 (Domestic war for Russia), from all the countries that had to take part in it, from all the involved sides. The route repeats the way of the Cossacks’ regiments of those times.

You can see the route under the following link: https://www.google.com/fusiontables/DataSource?snapid=S606044m4Xb

The route ends on October 20 in Fontainebleau with horse show and a concert.

October 20, Saturday
Horse show and concert at the hippodrome
- The 20 Cossacks and their Don stallions that have taken part in the March, just after 2 days rest in Fontainebleau
- Trick-Riding show from the Kremlin Riding School
- Most renown Russian choirs: Alexandrov’s and Kubanj Cossacks
- Official guests awaited: The Mayor of Fontainebleau Frédéric Valletoux, the Director of the Administration of the President of Russian Federation Sergej Ivanov, March directors and sponsors and others
Beginning at 14:00
Address: Route de l'Hippodrome de la Solle, 77300 Fontainebleau, France

October 21, Sunday
- Ridden March through the old town of Fontainebleau
- Show in front of the Castle Fontainebleau
Beginning of the March: 14:00, the show: 15:00

Address of the March start point:
Stade Equestre de Fontainebleau
Route d'Orléans
Grand Parquet

The other aim of this March is to save the rare and unique race of Don Horses. 200 years ago such horses had brought their riders from Southern Russian Steppes to Paris and back. Cossacks’ regiment was the only one that came home on their own horses, no one having health problems.

The March is officially supported by the Russian Government, but the project is mostly financed by private Don Horse breeders and sponsors.

200 years have changed the world remarkably, as well as the attitude to the horse, and the March is organized according to all modern standards of horse keeping. All the horses and riders had a one-year training before the March started. A veterinarian is following the group on the whole way, controlling the horses every morning and evening. Though this race has incredible stamina and could cover up to 300 km daily, the horses taking part in the March are not making more than 60 km a day. All the horses are healthy and in the perfect physical form after 2,5 months ride, and the veterinarian says it would be better for the horses to work even more as they seem to have too much energy!


For more information and images:
Xenia Antonova,
PR Manager of the March in Europe
+49 176 844 17956

For Accreditation and connection to the group in Fontainebleau:
Alexander Tsyganov, PR Director of the March
+7 926 910 40 50

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